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Nectar is making a 10 hour drive to see the man she just broke up with. *white man blinking GIF* She doesn't know why. She knows why. There are a lot of reasons why. And now here she is, in her car. Doing this shit. Second guessing. Anxiety-ridden. This is her first true heartbreak, and she's doing it all wrong. A story about love, anxiety and the desire we all have to find ourselves in another self and hold onto it.

Why I Wrote This

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29 April 2017 Update

I am in the process of moving, but will be updating this coming week! I am so sorry for the delay, it's been a hectic month. I'm also working on opening a store which, eventually, will feature some stranger merch, but also some cool t-shirts related to my blog, heauxthots, and art prints!